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Gain key insights into your organization's safety culture.

Monitor and continuously improve your organization's safety culture by understanding worker attitudes.

MySafetySurvey is an online safety culture perception survey that enables organizations to monitor and continuously improve worker attitudes towards occupational health and safety. As anonymous surveys are submitted, employers analyze their results in real-time to identify concerning trends and address them before an injury or fatality occurs.

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What is a safety culture perception survey?

A safety culture perception survey is a tool that employers can use to learn about their workers' real attitudes and perceptions about the organization and its safety culture. Critical, however, is being able to understand elements that influence an individual's attitudes and perceptions.

Understand attitudes.

Monitor and understand worker attitudes and perceptions across a variety of influential areas.

Monitor trends.

Implement frequent surveys to measure and improve your organization's scores over time.

Continuous Improvement.

Identify issues, act on concerning trends, and continuously improve elementys of your safety culture.

Get your organization started in just 3 minutes.

Yes, you read that right. Create your free profile, send your private survey link to workers, and watch your organization's results appear in real-time.

You are really going to love this. was developed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive, and meaningful. It only takes a few minutes to get started, and once you send your private survey link, workers can respond anonymously at their convenience as you monitor real-time results from your dashboard.

Quick start

Setup your free organization profile and send your first survey in less than 3 minutes.


Surveys are completed anonymously with no personally identifiable information collected.

Real-time analytics

View your organization's results within a secure dashboard, and compare them against industry.

Address taboo topics

Workers can respond anonymously to sensitive questions that are otherwise difficult to ask.

Be proactive

Prevent injuries and fatalities before they occur by staying in tune with worker attitudes and perceptions.

Continuous improvement

Monitor your organization's results over time and address issues of concern as they are identified.

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Get in front of your safety culture.

Don't be afraid to find out what workers are really thinking. With this understanding, you can stay on top of concerning issues and improve them before an injury or fatality occurs.

What elements can influence attitudes and perceptions?

It is essential to monitor the 'health score' of your organization's safety culture over time. Even more important, however, is to understand which elements of safety culture need specific attention. MySafetySurvey breaks down safety culture into the following influential aspects.

Job Workplace Safety

Measuring the perceived level of danger, hazard, or risk in the workplace, and establishing an initial benchmark for the degree to which the respondent feels safe or unsafe.

Co-Worker Safety Relations

Measuring the perceived safety climate as indicated by peer attitude and support for routine safety policies and practices.

Personal Safety Motivation

Measuring the attitude of the respondent as it pertains to the importance of safety in the workplace.

Barriers & Work Changes

Measuring the degree to which respondents feel properly trained to conduct hazard assessments, how well senior personnel support hazard mitigation and management activities, and how efficiently changes are made after hazards have been identified.

Conflict Resolution

Measuring the perception of how well an organization is prepared to build a culture of safety, to overcome resistance to change, and to support worker compliance with safety policies and procedures.

Supervisor Safety Relations

Measuring participant perceptions regarding the level of involvement and support from supervisory staff.

Safety Program Participation

Measuring how respondents feel about their ability to speak up and identify hazards, the degree to which they are encouraged to do so, and whether their hazard assessments will be supported.

Organizational Safety Practices

Measuring the perception of how proactive and engaged an organization is in responding to hazards, employee safety concerns, and safety threats.

Safety Policies & Programs

Measuring the perceived strength and utility of an organization’s existing safety policies, practices, and programs.

Articles & Research

Real-Time Results

Once you send your organization's private survey link to workers, you will be able to monitor aggregate results as they occur right from your secure dashboard.

What industry experts are saying...

safety culture
Larry Thomas

Fire Chief

Surrey Fire Service

We surveyed our hundreds of firefighters and gained an immediate understanding of issues that needed immediate attention.

safety survey
Dave Hagen



A powerful safety culture evaluation tool that can bring significant value to any safety program within any organization.

safety questionnaire
Dan De Roche

Corporate HSE Manager

Morgan Construction & Environmental

A simple tool that brings meaningful insights into worker perceptions and attitudes to enable proactive decisions.

Be the hero.

All too often, organizations are afraid to find out the true health of their safety culture. Be a hearo. Get in front of your safety culture. Understand it. Continuously improve it. Your superiors, workers and their families will thank you.

Enabling the continuous improvement of your safety culture allows you to:

High-reliability organizations know they cannot wait for incidents to happen before making changes. A robust safety culture is the best defense at breaking accident chains. Using industry insight and behavioural safety research, MySafetySurvey™ was launched with one goal in mind—to create the simplest, fastest, and most effective safety culture tool in the world.

Sitting back and assuming your safety culture is healthy is a recipe for disaster. As work procedures and protocols change, so, too, do worker attitudes and perceptions. Stay on top of this by instituting regular surveys and actively demonstrate that management is addressing emerging and existing issues before they escalate into a bigger problem.

It's one thing to have your workers participate in a survey, but it is another to show them that you are responding to their issues and concerns. All too often, organizations forget this and assume that doing a survey is enough, when it is only the start of an important, repeating process. Building this activity into your culture can do nothing but good, so long as workers feel that their concerns are being taken seriously.

Measuring safety culture is extremely difficult. MySafetySurvey breaks safety culture down into key categories and aggregates your organization's score for each.  Additionally, trending is easily monitored so that you can compare scores over time and against industry benchmarks.

When concerning issues or trends are identified via survey results and trends, develop in-house campaigns to address them.  See what works and what doesn't by repeating the survey every month, each quarter, or at a frequency that works best for your organization. Watch your scores change over time, and respond by taking appropriate action.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' recipe for building healthy safety cultures across all organizations. Your organization is unique and, as such, requires a finely-tuned variety of approaches and campaigns that work best within your environment. Use this survey and its analytics to gauge the effectiveness of internal efforts and campaigns to improve your organization's occupational health and safety.

Never let your guard down--there is always something new to learn from your workers that will help to improve your organization's overall health and safety. By having your workers participate in regular surveys, you are keeping your ears to the grindstone, and will be able to more effectively identify and respond to emerging issues before they result in negative consequences.

Being able to demonstrate the priority your organization and its executive place on occupational health and safety is an essential component of being awarded contracts and partnerships. By using this tool, you will be able to measurably demonstrate your proactivity and continual focus on safety culture to others within your circle of influence.

When you have found a solution for a particular area of concern that may benefit others in our outside of your organization or industry, why not share what you have learned to bring benefit to the greater community? Things become a lot easier when we share with and learn from others. Managing the health, safety, and wellbeing of your workers is a community effort.

Join the existing group of industry leaders (see below) who share their ideas to make this resource a powerful tool for any organization to use. Get started by setting up your organization profile (takes only a few minutes), then send a survey link to participants. Watch your results appear in real-time, and take action on what you learn. To become even more involved with the initiative or to have your company logo featured, please contact us via the support page.

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