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Enabling the continuous improvement of your safety culture.

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MySafetySurvey is an actionable, research-based online perception survey that collects information from workers to help organizations understand overall safety culture attitudes. Workers are provided an actionable scorecard while employers analyze their aggregated results and trends across various dimensions of influence and can compare them against industry averages. There is no cost for Alberta-based workers and organizations to access the resource, while respected industry partners sustain the initiative by providing donations to support continued development and sustainability efforts.

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What is a safety culture perception survey?

A safety culture perception survey is a tool that employers can use to learn about their workers' real attitudes and perceptions about the organization and its safety culture. Critical, however, is being able to understand elements that influence an individual's attitudes and perceptions.

Understand attitudes.

Monitor and understand worker attitudes and perceptions across a variety of influential areas.

Monitor trends.

Implement frequent surveys to measure and improve your organization's scores over time.

Continuous Improvement.

Identify issues, act on concerning trends, and continuously improve elementys of your safety culture.

You are really going to love this. was developed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive, and meaningful. It only takes a few minutes to get started, and once you send your private survey link, workers can respond anonymously at their convenience as you monitor real-time results from your dashboard.

Free perception surveys.

There is absolutely no cost associated with the use of this resource.

Access from anywhere, anytime.

Workers can access surveys from any computer and any modern web browser.

Actionable feedback.

After completing the survey, workers get an immediate scorecard.

Anonymous, encrypted data.

Data collected is kept anonymous, and organization results are not shared.

Organization profiles.

Organization's control access to their data and generate private survey links.

Address ‘taboo’ issues.

Workers can respond anonymously to sensitive questions that are otherwise difficult to ask.

Leading global research.

Developed using the latest global research on workplace safety and culture.

Resident experts.

Industry veterans and academic resources support the initiative and organizations.

Evergreen content.

Content is regularly updated to stay relevant to emerging trends.

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Get involved.

Join our growing partnership and help to bring this groundbreaking resource to organizations around the world who can benefit by identifying concerning trends in their safety culture and taking proactive steps to avoid worker injury and death. Please contact us by clicking the button below.

What industry experts are saying...

safety culture
Larry Thomas

Fire Chief

Surrey Fire Service

We surveyed our hundreds of firefighters and gained an immediate understanding of issues that needed immediate attention.

safety survey
Dave Hagen



A powerful safety culture evaluation tool that can bring significant value to any safety program within any organization.

safety questionnaire
Dan De Roche

Corporate HSE Manager

Morgan Construction & Environmental

A simple tool that brings meaningful insights into worker perceptions and attitudes to enable proactive decisions.