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Public Analytics

Meaningful cross-industry information.

These analytics represent anonymized and aggregate survey data. Compare your organization's results with cross-industry aggregates, as well as analyze a variety of other metrics.

Job-Workplace Safety
Measuring the perceived level of danger, hazard, or risk in the workplace, establishing an initial benchmark for the degree to which the respondent feels safe or unsafe.
Moderate Risk
Organizational Safety Practices
Measuring the perception of how proactive and engaged an organization is in responding to hazards, employee safety concerns, and safety threats.
Moderate Risk
Supervisor Safety Relations
Measuring participant perceptions regarding the level of involvement and support from supervisory staff.
Moderate Risk
Co-worker Safety Relations
Measuring the perceived safety climate as indicated by peer attitude and support for routine safety policies and practices.
Moderate Risk
Personal Safety Motivation
Measuring the attitude of the respondent as it pertains to the importance of safety in the workplace.
Low Risk
Safety Policies and Programs
Measuring the perceived strength and utility of an organization’s existing safety policies, practices, and programs.
Moderate Risk
Barriers & Work Changes
Measuring the degree to which respondents feel properly trained to conduct hazard assessments, how well senior personnel support hazard mitigation and management activities, and how efficiently changes are made after hazards have been identified.
Moderate Risk
Safety Program Participation
Measuring how respondents feel about their ability to speak up and identify hazards, the degree to which they are encouraged to do so, and whether their hazard assessments will be supported.
Moderate Risk
Conflict Resolution
Measuring the perception of how well an organization is prepared to build a culture of safety, to overcome resistance to change, and to support worker compliance with safety policies and procedures.
Moderate Risk