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A community effort.

By industry, for industry.

Many organizations and professionals were needed to develop this resource. From academia and research to industry application, and development to deployment and support, there are several moving parts that, when working together, provide an exceptional tool for workers and organizations to identify risk associated with safety culture. In fact, since launched in 2015, tens of thousands of responses have been collected and have been made available to industry to learn about their worker's perceptions with respect to various safety culture areas.

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Resident resources.

MySafetySurvey has been available to industry since 2012, and is managed and supported by the following resources.

Altitude Logic

With over 20 years of experience within public and private sectors and in a variety of industries, Altitude Logic is the solution architect and sees to all design, software and database development, as well as infrastructure management.

Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti

An emergency department physician, a university professor, Past-President of the Canadian Medical Association and Past-President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Francescutti is the lead visionary for this initiative.

Robert Barrett, PhD

Robert Barrett helps people and organizations understand behaviour, group dynamics, and culture. Robert is the recipient of eleven major academic awards for his contributions to the way we perceive and remedy deep conflict.

Get involved.

Join our growing partnership and help to bring this groundbreaking resource to organizations around the world who can benefit by identifying concerning trends in their safety culture and taking proactive steps to avoid worker injury and death. Please contact us by clicking the button below.

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safety culture
Larry Thomas

Fire Chief

Surrey Fire Service

We surveyed our hundreds of firefighters and gained an immediate understanding of issues that needed immediate attention.

safety survey
Dave Hagen



A powerful safety culture evaluation tool that can bring significant value to any safety program within any organization.

safety questionnaire
Dan De Roche

Corporate HSE Manager

Morgan Construction & Environmental

A simple tool that brings meaningful insights into worker perceptions and attitudes to enable proactive decisions.